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Claim Numbers & Links

Claims never seem to happen at a convenient time, so if your claim occurs after normal business hours we’ve listed the direct claim’s numbers for some of our carriers below. If your carrier is not listed here or you don’t know who it is, call us directly at 631-475-6000. Please leave us a message if it’s after hours.

ace insurance

ACE Insurance

Customer Service: 215-640-1000
Claims Services: 800-426-6800

aig insurance

AIG Insurance

Customer Service: 800-448-2542
Claims Services: 800-551-0824

amtrust insurance

AmTrust Insurance

Customer Service: 877-528-7878
Claims Services: 888-239-3909

chubb insurance

Chubb Insurance

Claims Services: 800-252-4670

cna insurance

CNA Insurance

Customer Service: 800-262-2000
Claims Services: 877-574-0540

crum & forster insurance

Crum & Forster Insurance

Customer Service: 212-277-1660
Claims Services: 800-690-5520

Encompass Insurance

Encompass Insurance

Customer Service: 800-262-9262
Claims Services: 800-588-7400

gny insurance

GNY Insurance

Claims Services: 800-522-5504

Hanover Insurance

Hanover Insurance

Policyholder Line: 800-922-8427
Claims Services: 800-922-8427

Hartford Insurance

Hartford Insurance

Customer Service: 800-624-5578
Claims Services: 800-624-5578

lancer insurance

Lancer Insurance

Customer Service: 800-782-8902
Claims Services: 800-521-6155

liberty mutual insurance

Liberty Mutual Insurance

Customer Service: 888-398-8924
Claims Services: 800-290-8711

merchants insurance

Merchants Insurance

Customer Service: 800-722-6523
Claims Services: 800-952-5246

Mercury Insurance

Mercury Insurance

Billing Questions: 800-503-3724
Claims Hotline: 800-503-3724

national general insurance

National General Insurance

Customer Service: 800-462-2123
Claims Services: 800-421-3535

philadelphia insurance

Philadelphia Insurance

Customer Service: 877-438-7459
Claims Services: 800-765-9749

plymouth rock insurance

Plymouth Rock Insurance

Customer Service: 800-979-6288
Claims Services: 844-346-1225

Progressive Insurance

Progressive Insurance

Policyholder Line: 800-876-5581
Claims Services: 800-274-4499

pure insurance

Pure Insurance

Customer Service: 866-964-4434
Claims Services: 888-813-7873

Travelers Insurance

Travelers Insurance

Commercial Lines
Customer Service: 800-252-2268

Personal Lines
Customer Service: 800-842-8574
Claims Services: 800-252-4633

Utica National Insurance

Utica National Insurance Group

Customer Service: 800-274-1914
Claims Services: 800-216-1420

Zurich Insurance

Zurich Insurance

Customer Service: 631-845-2200
Claims Services: 631-845-2200