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Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Workers’ compensation insurance, also known as workers’ comp, offers employees benefits for injuries, disabilities, or illnesses sustained as a result of their employment. Workers’ compensation provides both business owners and their employees with added peace of mind. Even with the most stringent safety precautions in place, accidents happen; and workers’ compensation insurance gives businesses a financial safeguard to pull them through those unexpected scenarios.

What Can Workers’ Compensation Pay For?

If an employee suffers a work-related injury, workers’ compensation can help cover the costs of medical care, lost wages, and/or disability benefits. In the unfortunate situation that an employee loses his or her life, this form of commercial insurance may aid in paying funeral costs.

workers comp insurance

Types of Workers’ Compensation

Based on the extent of the injury, workers’ compensation insurance can cover employee benefits in several different ways.

Medical Treatment

Workers’ compensation may cover the cost of expenses including doctor or hospital visits, nursing care, medication, surgery, and physical therapy. These costs are usually covered until the employee has fully recovered from his or her injury. At Cue Brokerage Group, LLC, our commercial insurance experts are familiar with the fine print pertaining to workers’ compensation medical coverage so our clients will always know exactly what their plan includes.

Temporary Total Disability

Temporary total disability benefits help to cover the wages of employees who cannot work in any capacity until fully healed.

Temporary Partial Disability

Temporary partial disability benefits are applicable to employees who have sustained an injury but are still able to work at a reduced capacity. Since this lower work output may decrease their wages, this type of workers’ compensation may make up the difference between what they were earning before and after the injury occurred.

Permanent Partial Disability

This form of workers’ compensation is similar to temporary partial disability; however, permanent partial disability benefits pertain to an employee who has sustained a lifelong injury which prevents him or her from earning as much as previously paid.

Permanent Total Disability

When an injury is so severe that the employee is not able to work in any capacity for the remainder of his or her life, permanent total disability benefits will usually cover a large percentage of would-be earnings until retirement age.

Vocational Rehabilitation

Certain injuries prevent workers from being able to carry out their old jobs but leave them with the capacity to work at a job requiring a different skillset. Vocational rehabilitation may pay for training and/or job placement assistance enabling them to reenter the workforce.

Managed Care Services

In many states, employers can provide workers’ compensation benefits through a managed care plan. Most managed care plans include a provider network, utilization management, pharmacy benefit management, and medical care management. New York State has an approved network of Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs) regulated by the Department of Health.

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